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Independent consulting services


Any new project benefits from a knowledgeable, objective eye. One of the best ways to save time, money, and stress is to have the site evaluated, plans reviewed, and project oversight by an independent source throughout the duration of the project. Our services are comprehensive and we can tailor them to fit the scope of work needed for each individual project. We are your turnkey solution for your project needs.


Not in Michigan? Not a problem.

We cover most of the United States. Give us a call to see how we can help. 

How We Help

After years in multiple mechanical contracting professions, I developed a passion for the planning and execution side of the business. More importantly, the way that my crews were ran was efficient and yielded results. After spending time as a foreman for an HVAC business that specialized in commercial installation and repair, I moved on to full scale project management. I spent over a year in Texas working on a new steel mill project. During this project, I was responsible for the planning, purchasing, and arranging the transport of materials for multiple divisions. I made sure that the projects were completed on schedule. Now that that project is wrapped up, I have moved back to Michigan to continue my career. 

Depending on the scope of the project, I can do remote project review at our home office or travel to your site and do a full scale walkthrough and consultation. For large scale projects or when multiple owners are involved, on-site is a huge benefit for both parties. We can go over all plans in detail and be able to walk through the site and see the differences that any changes would make to the overall project efficiency.


We look forward to working with you. For a free quote, contact us by either phone or email.

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