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Installation/Inspection/Preventative Maintenance 

Already have the plans?
We can still help.

We offer services for all of your utilities, piping, HVAC, and air-handling systems. We manage new installations, as well as inspections of current equipment. If we find that your equipment is out of date or at risk of failure, we can perform preventative maintenance to keep your company up and running.

Fire hydrants ready to be installed.
Plan review of mechanical service installation

Was it done right?


Sometimes after having other trades work on your project, you just do not feel comfortable with how the project looks. 

We can come inspect the project and make sure there are no structural or code issues that are going to hinder your progress.


Hopefully nothing is wrong and we can just give you peace of mind. If there are issues, we will be able to show you what needs fixed, and why. 

Why Church's Specialties 

Years of experience 
On-time services
Diverse trade knowledge
Face-to-face meetings
Attention to detail





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